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Desert California kingsnake (Lamproeltis getulus splendida)

Desert California kingsnake
Desert California kingsnakeDesert California kingsnakeDesert California kingsnakeDesert California kingsnake
Personal Information
Our male desert California kingsnake's name is Elvis. He was born in 1993 and arrived at the Zoo in 1996.

Status in the Wild

These snakes are not a conservation concern.

Their range extends throughout the Sonoran, Mojave and Chihuahua deserts, south into Baja and Mexico.

A powerful constrictor which eats a variety of prey, primarily lizards and small rodents. It has also been known to eat birds, eggs and other snakes, including rattlesnakes.
  • Desert California kingsnakes are resistant to venom of the rattlesnakes found in their habitats.
  • Because they eat rattlesnakes, they are often domesticated by farmers.
  • These snakes can also eat clutches of reptile eggs, which it can detect underground by smell.