• Open daily 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Grounds close at 5 p.m.


The Seneca Park Zoo is always in need of your donations. While "gently used" items are accepted, we prefer new goods. (Remember, your gift-in-kind donation may be eligible for a tax deduction).

Please call ahead to ensure staff is on hand to receive your donation. If you would like to make a donation, please call Aimee Hofmann at (585) 336-7217 or e-mail ahofmann@senecazoo.org. Thank you for your generosity.

General Zoo Use Items

  • 10' x 12' storage shed and 8' x 8' storage shed

  • New Rubbermaid garbage cans

  • Storage totes and shelves (vinyl)

  • Refrigerator, small (3.2 cubic foot)

  • Refrigerator, full size

  • Basic hand tools

    (hammer, screw drivers, wire cutters, etc.)

  • Portable greenhouse

  • 2-drawer filing cabinet

Animal Enrichment Items

  • Plastic chain

  • Boat bumpers, buoys and rounded anchors

  • Food Extracts (banana, vanilla, orange, etc.)

  • Hunting lures/decoys

  • Chain, any length, rust free

  • Ice machine - restaurant type

Education Department Needs

  • Art supplies - non-toxic paint, brushes, canvases, poster-boards, art easels, pencils for sketching, construction paper, crayons, glue sticks and molding clay

  • Gardening Tools

  • GPS system for ZooMobiles - new or gently used

  • Outdoor storage units

  • Outdoor carpet

  • Fans

Animal Health & Animal Collection Needs

  • Thermographic camera

  • Horse trailer

  • Small pressure washer (gas or electric)

  • Flat screen TV / Monitors

  • Pet carrier sky kennels

  • Towels

Grounds Equipment

  • Wide-mouthed shovels

  • Leaf Vacs

  • General use tools: power drills, electric drills, socket sets, hammers, hand tools, hack saws, etc.

  • Weed whackers

  • Lawn mower, in good working order

  • Leaf blower, in good working order (gas or electric)

  • Salt / seed spreader

  • Chainsaw(s) in good working order

  • MIG Welder

  • Heavy metal stone rakes

  • Heavy-duty push brooms

  • Paper leaf bags

  • Rakes

  • Small tiller